We went to buy some shirts. We left with an idea (and some shirts)…

A couple summers back we were at Caroline Matthews’ southtown factory – Dos Carolinas – getting measured for guayaberas, when we noticed heaps of cast-off fabric scraps… linen and cotton, seersucker, gingham, plaid… all destined for the garbage. Being the optimists that we are, we asked to rummage through to see what might be salvageable in order to give those scraps another life.

That second life came by way of a collaboration of sorts, where we’ve taken this fabric and repurposed it into pocket squares and cocktail napkins. Everything is hand-cut in San Antonio (by yours truly) and sewn in Austin (by WhiteStar Manufacturing).

This is our first collaboration and there will be more to come. But we started with this shirt maker and these manufacturers because they represent well the fabric of our community… the local makers and artisans who inspire us.


Because of the way we source our fabric, there really is no telling what types of material will come. And while this lends itself to a sort of gift-like reveal in each new bag, it’s also tough not knowing if or when we’ll see a particular pattern again.

That said, it also means that each item is unique, and we like to think that it’s this individuality that gives our products their flavor. Let us know what you think @